Dress Up Your Portfolio With Wearable Tech

wearable tech

Through the improvement in technology over the past decade and the consumer demand to be digitally connected, you can now wear your computer on your wrist. Today, one in six consumers in the US are using wearables.1 These come in a varied number of form factors, ranging from fabrics that measure the skin temperature and activity trackers like Fitbit, all ... Read More »

4 Investment Strategies to Grow Wealth (Infographic)


There’s no better time than now to start saving for the future. Retirement is becoming longer and more expensive with many costs likely to come out of your own pocket. Here are 4 investment strategies to get you on the right path and give yourself an edge toward meeting your retirement goals. (Click infographic to enlarge.) 4 Investment Strategies to ... Read More »

How To Invest $1,000 or $10,000 Like George Soros

how to invest 10000 like Soros

Imagine having $24.2 million dollars. Now imagine having 1,000 times that amount. Well for George Soros, having a $24.2 billion net worth1 is a reality! While you may not be able to turn $10,000 into $140 million like Soros’ Quantum Fund,2 you can still pull together $1,000 or $10,000 and easily invest it with Motif Investing using some of Soros’ investment ... Read More »

Rate-Watchers Hopeful That Rise Is On Track

Percent up

Patience, it seems, is no small thing. Last month, the Federal Reserve dropped a single word – “patient” – from its official statement updating its monetary policy stance, which suggested to many Fed followers that the central bank could begin raising interest rates as early as this summer. That suggestion was buttressed days later by the Fed’s second-in-command, Stanley Fischer, ... Read More »

Buyback Wave Isn’t About to Wane

Amerikan Dollar is standing on the wavy sea side

It was quite a day last week for General Electric. The multi-industry behemoth announced to investors on Friday that it planned to focus its future in a modern-day version of its industrial past, with plans to restructure its finance unit and sell off a ton of real estate holdings. In addition, GE said it planned to repurchase $50 billion of ... Read More »

Beef’s Short Supply Leads Food Prices Higher


Some bad news for consumers could be a windfall for both farmers and investors in stocks that might benefit from rising food prices. The price of ground beef, one of the most popular meat products in the nation, climbed to a record high last week as supply continues to lag behind demand.1 The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the average price ... Read More »

Investing Based on Seasonal Trends

Featured Image-Seasonal trends of investing

Stocks rise and fall based on a company’s performance and profitability, right? Well, not necessarily. Upon reading Roger Martin’s, Fixing the Game, one begins to understand that while profits and performance can lead to improvements in a company’s stock price, it is not the end-all-be-all. Instead, the volatility in the stock market has much more to do with perceptions and ... Read More »

Financial Resources for Adults of All Ages

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People have varying degrees of financial knowledge and experience, and fortunately, there are a growing number of resources to help adults of all ages enhance their skills. There are publicly available courses that teach topics on economics, personal finance, global markets, business, and more. And many of these resources are available through complimentary online platforms that are easy to navigate ... Read More »

Connected Cars Are Moving Into the Fast Lane

connected car

At the beginning of 2014, data connectivity in automobiles was largely an idea on the cusp of reality for mainstream consumers. A Time.com article proclaimed “Your Car Is About to Get Smarter Than You Are,” and said that the summer ahead would see the release of a fleet of new vehicles that aimed to make web services a seamless part ... Read More »

Watch Boom Says It’s Time for Wearable Tech

smart watch

Once again, Apple is setting the pace in a corner of personal technology that looks like it’s about to explode. Wearable technology devices are seeing a growth surge that is likely to continue over the next few years, helped by the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch, according to a recent report by research firm IDC.1 The research outlet said it expects 45.7 ... Read More »

Why Are Millennials Increasing Demand For Impact Investing?

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People who were born between the years 1980 and 2000 are now well known as the Millennial generation. Other names that refer to this age group are Gen Y, Generation Y, or NextGen. What is lesser well known is that the Millennial generation is actually the biggest in U.S. history, surpassing Baby Boomers by a whopping 20 million, with a ... Read More »

Market Swing Makes Hay for Momentum Stocks


Trading with a momentum strategy is usually not for the faint of heart, but short-term rallies by the broader market can help make conditions easier. The Finding Momo motif, a portfolio of stocks that provides exposure to companies whose stock prices have risen the most over a six-month-period, on a risk-adjusted basis, has gained 15.4% in 2015. In that same ... Read More »