4 Investment Strategies to Grow Wealth (Infographic)


There’s no better time than now to start saving for the future. Retirement is becoming longer and more expensive with many costs likely to come out of your own pocket. Here are 4 investment strategies to get you on the right path and give yourself an edge toward meeting your retirement goals. (Click infographic to enlarge.) 4 Investment Strategies to ... Read More »

New! Trading Alerts


Feel more assured about the value of your investments with our newly launched Trading Alerts functionality! Through market fluctuations and position changes, you can create alerts that notify you via email or text message when your motifs change beyond a threshold that you define. To quickly and easily set up trading alerts for your motifs, follow the step-by-step guide below: ... Read More »

Top Five Characteristics of the Wealthy


Ever find yourself wondering how people get really rich? If one isn’t born into wealth, are certain strategies and personalities traits beneficial to accumulating a lot of money? While there isn’t one magic formula to growing assets, there are certain characteristics of the wealthy that stand out. Studying and mirroring these traits could be beneficial in growing your own wealth. ... Read More »

Summer Travel May Heat Up Airline Stocks


A sunny-skies forecast for plane travel this summer may be just the thing to extend the rally in airline stocks. According to trade and lobbying group Airlines for America, US airlines will carry a record 222 million passengers between June 1 and Aug. 31, topping the summer of 2007 when 217.6 million people flew.1 That figure also includes 31 million ... Read More »

Old Guard Holding Its Own in Online Gaming


The transition to online games has proved recently to be a boon for traditional video game companies and in turn, their investors. Earlier this month, Activision Blizzard raised its full-year profit and revenue forecasts and reported better-than-expected quarterly results, helped by growth in its high-margin digital business.1 As Reuters reported, game publishers have been shifting to the lucrative digital business ... Read More »

What Are The Characteristics Of Successful Traders?


Whether you’re a retail investor who trades his/her own portfolio or a heavy hitting Wall Street trader crossing billion dollar blocks for institutional investors, the characteristics of being a successful trader can be the same. Numbers don’t lie. You’re either making money or you’re losing money. Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you make incredibly careless errors that could cost you ... Read More »

Tesla Gives Boost to Promise of Batteries


Apple began as a maker of personal computers, but its real legacy may ultimately be as a transformative maker of smartphones. Is it possible that iconic electric car maker Tesla could follow the same path with batteries? Tesla, known as a maker of luxury electric sedans, recently unveiled that it is taking a big step into energy storage with a ... Read More »

Chinese Internet Rally Soothes Slowdown Fears


It hasn’t been a great year for Alibaba investors, but the company’s most recent earnings report helped quell fears that China’s top e-commerce destination was losing momentum. Last week, shares of Alibaba jumped after the company said that it processed $97 billion in gross merchandise volume, up 40% from the same quarter a year earlier.1 Overall, the company said revenue ... Read More »

Amazon Still On Top of Online Retail Wave


While consistent profit growth is a goal for most companies, Amazon.com has never pretended it’s a priority. The company has had profitable quarters, but when it hasn’t, investors have usually been given something else to believe in. In its latest quarter (one that ended up generating a $57 million loss), that something else was sales growth of 15% to $22.5 ... Read More »

Apple Leads Tech Giant Earnings Parade


The latest quarterly numbers from many of the tech sector’s largest companies help make it clear why the Nasdaq is sitting near its all-time high and has blown away the performance put up by the S&P 500 over the last 12 months. Beginning with Apple, the company wowed Wall Street again by posting quarterly revenue of $58 billion and profit ... Read More »

How to Transfer Wealth Without Demotivating Your Kids

Featured Image-How to transfer wealth

Did you know an estimated $30 trillion dollars of wealth could be changing hands between Baby Boomer parents and their adult Millennial children in the next 15-30 years?1 That’s a lot of cash, property, investments, and assets moving around. Some of this enormous wealth transfer has already started. Take a look at the below chart that estimates approximately 10% of ... Read More »